Nancy Warson Asoociate Broker

For Buyers

  • I will meet with buyer to discuss property objectives, requirements, possession time schedule, financial capability, acquisition strategies and other purchasing factors, like market conditions.

  • Assist buyer in locating and showing available property for purchase by buyer (such property as is listed in any multiple listing service of which Designated Agent is a member).

  • Assist the Buyer in determining financing alternatives.

  • Assist the Buyer in obtaining available information, of a material nature, relative to desired properties.

  • Assist the Buyer in the process of identifying, negotiating, contracting, leasing or otherwise acquiring property and in monitoring closing and processing time deadlines.

For Sellers

  • I have the most aggressive marketing campaigns.
  • My marketing plan is comprehensive and includes: Affiliated Offices, Community Services, Company-Owned Offices, Corporate Clients, Direct Mailings, Direct Line, Institutional Advertising, Lawn Signs, Local Web Exposure, Multi-List, Open Houses, Buyer Files, Office Tours, Property Flyers, Relocation, Target Marketing, Weekly Sales Meetings, Special Promotions, Virtual Tours.
  • I market to all brokers. There is a good chance that another real estate professional would sell your house. So, I am a member to all Metro area MLS systems, so your house is on other area brokers websites too. I reach diverse audiences.
  • I invite buyers to open houses through Direct Mailings and sign riders on sign work prior.
  • Tens of thousands of buyers save time by searching on the web. I make the most of the web by including many photos of your house on my site along with virtual tours and detailed information. Once the house is list through me and it is on my company’s and mine website, it also appears on many other real estate sites.
  • Relocation is another important part of my service. If you are relocating, I offer rental assistance, one-on-one counseling, conduct area tours, and provide community information. Many corporations trust Real Estate One.

My JOB upon listing your home

  • Aggressively market your home to generate showings.
  • Keep you informed of market conditions as they change.
  • Always provide you with feedback form showing appointments.
  • Submit your listings online to the world with photographs and details.
  • Help you get the best price and terms possible.

When the offer is signed

  • Make sure you understand you options before you are committed.
  • Make sure you understand the mortgage capability of buyers.
  • Make sure contractual obligations are fulfilled and satisfied.
  • Make sure the mortgage process is being completed and approved.
  • Make sure that the title work is processed and approved.
  • Make sure all contractual processing deadlines are complete and ready for closing.
  • Help with any final walk through inspection by your buyers.
  • Help you review and understand all paperwork.

After closing I will

  • Help you understand your vacancy obligations according to sale terms.
  • Help you coordinate key exchange.
  • Help you with any and all remaining post closing procedures.