Simple DIY ideas for your Thanksgiving table

It might be hard to believe, but there is two weeks left till Thanksgiving! Whether you are a first time host or not, you would want to wow your guests in any kind of way. Kick off the “most wonderful time of the year” by mastering the table decorating business, without breaking the bank ;)

  1. The center of it all

Why spend money on a centerpiece when you can make one just as fascinating! Place some candles, branches, pinecones or pumpkins for a nature-inspired tabletop arrangement.


2. Make your own printable place cards

Thanksgiving is all about being with your family and what better way to tell them that you are thankful for them, than putting it on their plate. Literally! It is actually super easy to make your own customized place cards. To make it even easier for you, I’ve attached an Adobe editable file. The beautiful and simple design was created by Bloom Designs Online and you can download it from here. Now just change the names and print it on any color paper!


3. Put those pumpkins to good use!

You don’t need a fairy godmother to transform a pumpkin into a fun wine bucket. All you need is a big pumpkin, cut the top off, and scoop out the inside. Then place a plastic bowl inside and fill it with ice. There, you made yourself a wine cooler out of a pumpkin!